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What exercises are good for multiple sclerosis patients? E-mail
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Multiple Sclerosis Questions and Answers

It is a well know fact that MS patients need to keep themselves in good physical shape, because the demyelination process affects indirectly the muscles ( the muscles themselves might not be weakened, but due to the neurological problem, the nervous impulses sent to them are sometimes misinterpreted).

Multiple Sclerosis patients should work out every day, but, the “no pain, no gain” saying doesn’t apply here. The exercises should be fairly easy – MS patients need to keep their fitness, not to gain muscles and bulk up! This is why there are some exercises that are recommended for MS patients: aerobics, tai chi, easy weight lifting, swimming, jogging, cycling, et cetera.

Of course, only a healthcare specialist will be able to provide the best exercise routine, personalized for the individual, because, MS doesn’t affect all persons the same – while for some jogging can cause serious problems, for other it might not, and such.

Also, at first, the exercises should be performed with the assistance of a personal trainer or someone who is knowledgeable about MS and fitness, because there will be a fair amount of pain that can arise, and the MS sufferer needs to learn to differentiate harming pain from MS pain.

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+1 # Sandy 2012-03-20 11:12
I am helping a friend who is overweight and has MS. What kind of workout can you suggest. We are walking a hour a day. She is feeling extremely tired a few days after.
Can you help with some ideas.
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