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Multiple sclerosis and severe leg cramps E-mail
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Multiple Sclerosis Articles

Multiple Sclerosis or MS, is a demyelinating disease that affects the central nervous system, meaning the brain and spinal cord.  Due to the demyelinating process that occurs in persons who suffer with MS, smooth and coordinated movements become more and more difficult.  This is already known. The symptoms of MS are also widely known by persons who suffer from it (fatigue, spasticity, weakness, urinary dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, pain, tremor, visual dysfunction, paroxysmal spasms, pathological laughing or crying, depression). Of course, not everybody experiences all of the symptoms, but some of them are to expected when a person suffers from MS.

MS and pain – an ongoing relationship


One of the most impairing symptom of MS, is muscle fatigue and pain combined. The persons with MS almost always experience this, and it’s needless to say that this can decrease one’s life comfort to a degree that can be perceived as unacceptable.  Severe leg cramps are quite usual in MS, and these are seen by most people as a sign that something is very wrong, and they fear that they are going to lose their ability to walk. But, is it really so?

An easy answer cannot be given, and a health care specialist should be consulted first. However, severe leg cramps are most of the times just a symptom of the disease and there are ways to fight them. This means medication and physical exercise.

It is commonly known that because of the deemyelinating nature of the disease, one’s muscles are sore and seem not to be able to work properly anymore. This happens because of the myelin loss, which doesn’t allow nerve impulses to travel as fast and as efficient as they normally should, which in turn causes a pain response in the brain. So, what can one do to minimize this?

Improvement means an three fronts approach


The first approach is consulting one’s physician, since a specialist will be able to take a look at one’s medication plan, and see what works and what doesn’t work, and suggest some new medications or some new dosages that will help fight this symptom of the disease.

Another thing that one can do is to take care of his or her body and exercise daily. Even if this seems like a huge chore that depletes one from all of his or her energy, in the end one’s muscles will be fit, strong, and one’s overall condition will see an improvement. However the “no pain no gain” saying doesn’t apply when it comes to MS. A person with MS must see physical exercise as fitness – a way to improve the overall functioning of muscles, heart, lungs and all other organs. 

For optimal results, a healthcare specialist, a nutritionist and an fitness instructor who works with people with MS should be consulted, since taking this type of approach will ensure that multiple sclerosis and severe legs cramps won’t have such an impairing effect on one, and will improve one’s overall condition.

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+1 # margaret quinn 2011-04-11 16:24
I too have multiple sclerosis and am experiencing leg cramps. Just wondering if they are similar to the cramping of a charlie horse??/
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0 # Alexandra 2011-08-26 03:12
My cramps are similar like that. I think a charlie horse is a pretty good description. (which by the way is the reason I can't sleep tonight and it already is 1:12 am)
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0 # Jane Wight 2011-08-02 11:57
Have you had any success using Quellitall for your cramps?
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0 # noyetdiagnoised 2012-03-09 14:36
I have just had an lp because of result in mri. But, my thing is I have all the symptoms of ms and lesions on the brain, severe leg cramps have been killing me lately. They are similiar to charlie horses. But I know they are not. I am scared because I've cramped like this before. In my legs alot more than my arms and hands.
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-1 # Hj could be better 2012-06-18 09:34
I have severe leg pain at night and so bad in morning I don,t want to get out of bed. Need pain meds or something as soon as I wake up to so I can get up and walk. At this point I will lay in bef till I have to get up, and that sometimes is not until noon.
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0 # Hj could be better 2012-06-18 09:37
Give any suggestions you have for this horriable problem.
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