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What are the types of multiple sclerosis? E-mail
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Multiple Sclerosis Questions and Answers

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that’s hard to diagnose due to the multitude of symptoms it has. Even when it’s diagnosed,  doctors can have problems diagnosing the right MS subtype. These are patterns of progression of the disease, that are indicators to how the future course of this condition will be.  Currently, there are 4 types of MS:

1. relapsing remitting,
2. secondary progressive,
3. primary progressive, and
4. progressive relapsing.

The first type, RRMS has unpredictable relapses intertwined with periods of remission (these can last years or moths) and the disease shows no sign of activity. This is the initial course of the disease for up to 80% of people diagnosed with MS.

Secondary progressive MS is a condition that follows, or better said it is the worsening of RRMS, as the patients suffering from it have a progressive neurology decline, and no periods of remission.

Primary progressive is without any doubt one of the most disabling types of MS, as individuals suffering from this condition experience a progression of disability from the onset, and without any periods of remission.

The least common type of MS is progressive relapsing MS. The individuals with this type of MS have a steady neurologic decline from the onset, but also have superimposed attacks.

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