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How to travel with multiple sclerosis E-mail
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Multiple Sclerosis Questions and Answers

There are several things one should consider:
-    Having a letter from his or her doctor to state that he or she has MS
-    Having your doctor’s phone number and off hours pager
-    Pacing – you know your body better than anyone, so don’t over-do anything, and enjoy your travel
-    Don’t be afraid to use tools that make traveling easier. These include canes, trekking poles, wheelchairs, disposable undergarments etc.
-    Keep your medication with you and don’t take it out of its original labeled container ( especially when it comes to injectable MS drugs, cryptic pills and others)
-    Always have a reliable travel companion
-    Enjoy your trip!

Also, when planning the travel or trip:
-    Use a travel agent who specializes in making arrangement for persons with disabilities
-    Check our accommodations online before making reservations
-    Travel off-season because you won’t waste as much time waiting in line, you’ll get easier into restaurants, you’ll get better seats, and you can enjoy the cooler temperatures
-    Always purchase travel insurance when you  book your trip

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