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What kind of doctor treats multiple sclerosis? E-mail
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Multiple Sclerosis Questions and Answers

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is a difficult one since most of the symptoms of MS are similar if not the same with some of the symptoms of other conditions.

Most likely, before your GP will know that you have MS it will be a while. Why? Because the incidence of Multiple Sclerosis if of 1% for all the world population, which makes it a rare disease. So, what doctor can help MS patients and who treats it?

Well, multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune and neurologic condition. Usually, neurologists are more familiar with multiple sclerosis and they are the ones who diagnose it. This is due to the fact that MS scars the brain, and this can be easily seen on and MRI.

However, when it comes to the actual treatment, your doctor could recommend you to other specialists. But the main doctor should be a neurologist who’s knowledgeable of Multiple Sclerosis, its symptoms and its treatment.
One thing to be kept in mind for new MS patients: before your doctor prescribes you a treatment that works for your it will take some trial and error, as MS is a difficult condition, to diagnose and to treat.

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